• Warm Weather Application

    Jul 8th 2022

    Warm Weather Application

    The Dog Days of SummerTips for hot weather epoxy applicationCoating your garage or workshop floor is an ideal summer project. You can empty the contents and store them temporarily outside without the threat of rain. Cleaned and rinsed floors dry out quickly, and long days provide ample light to work…

    Published by Bert Oey

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  • Concrete Repair using TrowelEase 1162PK

    Nov 19th 2020

    Concrete Repair using TrowelEase 1162PK

    “It’s all in the prep…”You’ve heard it repeated over and over as you researched your epoxy coating project and it’s true, the best epoxy products available are only as good as the substrate to which they are applied. Cracked, spalled or otherwise damaged concrete will need attention as part of your…

    Published by Bert Oey

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  • Acid Etch - TechNote

    Nov 12th 2020

    Acid Etch - TechNote

    Introduction: Proper surface prep is critical to product performance. New and existing bare concrete substrates should be cleaned and etched to ensure proper penetration and adhesion of BondTite 1101, AcryliSeal 3501 and other Wolverine Coatings Corporation products. Failure to achieve a clean p…

    Published by Bert Oey

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  • Measuring Square Footage

    Nov 5th 2020

    Measuring Square Footage

    To make certain you have the correct amount of materials you need to know who many square feet (ft2) of area needs to be coated. Here are average sizes of residential garages: 1 car garage = 350sf  2 car garage = 500sf  3 car garage = 700sf. Those averages are close, but…

    Published by Fred Oey

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