Measuring Square Footage

Published by Fred Oey on Nov 5th 2020

Measuring Square Footage

To make certain you have the correct amount of materials you need to know who many square feet (ft2) of area needs to be coated. Here are average sizes of residential garages: 1 car garage = 350sf  2 car garage = 500sf  3 car garage = 700sf.

Those averages are close, but it’s a good idea to measure the area to get an actual figure. Here are a few common formulas for figuring out how large an area is (“X” means multiply):

Running out of materials before the project is finished will take additional steps and time to complete the project. Be sure to:

• Use an accurate measuring device.
• Include any stairs, walls, and other areas you want coated.
• Round up estimates up to the next 100 square foot mark.
• Measure carefully, and then measure again!