Coating Over Existing Wolverine Coatings

Coating over existing Wolverine Coatings’ needs to be done as soon as the underlying coat is tack free – that is when you can walk on it without leaving an impression, or at the absolute latest within 24 hours after the prior underlying coat was applied. However sometimes it’s not possible to over coat within that time frame. The only exception to this is Wolverine Coating’s BondTite 1101 which we use as our prime coat. BondTite 1101 has an extended re-coat window of up to 336 hours / 14 days. Otherwise all Wolverine Coatings’ epoxy and hybrid-urethane formulations need to be over-coated within 24 hrs.

On areas where any other Wolverine Coatings product has cured for more than 24 hours, you’ll need to take an extra step before applying the next layer of coating. When you’re ready to apply the fresh coat of  Wolverine Coating’s LiquaTile 1184, or EnduraShield 2254 beyond the recommended 24 hour re-coat window follow these steps:

  1. Scuff up area to be coated with a brown or maroon ScotchBrite® abrasive pad. Don’t be afraid to put some muscle into the scouring, your goal is to remove the glossy shine. If the abrasive pad does not adequately remove the gloss you may need to step up to utilizing a 80-100 grit sanding screen. **Special care and consideration must be taken if re-coating the LiquaTile 1184 coat if DecoFlakes are used. The abrading and/or cleaning will likely damage the DecoFlakes. For this reason you are strongly advised to re-coat within the specified 24 hour window.**
  2. If the area is large, you can use a 175 RPM floor maintainer with an abrasive pad of similar roughness to the Scotch-Brite® brown or maroon pad or a sanding screen. Floor Maintainer / buffers are available for rent at most rental yards and big box hardware stores.
  3. Clean the area with water and clean cloth. If the area is particularly dirty (from construction, or whatever), or if it has uncoated DecoFlakes, after you’ve scuffed the floor wash it with a mild detergent, thoroughly rinse and allow area to dry.
  4. Right before applying the follow-on coat, wipe the area with denatured alcohol using plain white paper towels. Avoid cloth rags as they may contain detergents or dyes which may adversely contaminate the surface.
  5. After the denatured alcohol has evaporated (shouldn’t take more than a few minutes) apply the freshly mixed coating. Be sure to read and follow all package instructions and warnings.

Note that these procedures are only if you need to apply a Wolverine Coatings Corporation product over another existing Wolverine Coatings product that’s in good shape and well adhered to underlying coatings or substrate. If the existing coating is from another manufacturer, or not adhering well, different procedures may be necessary. DecoFlakes may discolor or color bleed on surrounding area.

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