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About: Three Component Epoxy Floor Coating system

We understand that there are a variety of epoxy floor products available to you the consumer and the choices can be overwhelming. At AlphaGarage our tried and true traditional three component epoxy floor coating system remains a favorite for those who demand the absolute best in floor protection and stunning good looks.

Our most popular Do It Yourself system is comprised of three interrelated epoxy components, a primer –BondTite 1101-for superior concrete to coating bond strength, a pigmented semi-ceramic body coat –LiquaTile 1184– for impact resistance and an advanced hybrid urethane clear coat –EnduraShield 2254– which provides industry leading abrasion resistance and U.V. resistance. With 18 LiquaTile colors to choose from, DecoFlakes can be added for that “granite” look or any number of color combinations that you choose. Each of these components contribute specific performance characteristics which, when combined, result in a superior high performance epoxy system.

When comparing epoxy floor coatings one of the most important considerations is Dry Film Thickness (DFT). Wolverine Coatings epoxy products are 100% solids meaning that whatever the quantity purchased and applied to your floor is the quantity that you will end up with after it has cured. Unlike many of our competitors, there is little to no loss due to solvent evaporation*. In other words, you get what you pay for. In order to achieve a high level of performance, minimum quantities of each component must be calculated and applied. In the end we will not provide you with less than a 21 mils DFT coating system and, depending on your specific needs, may recommend more**.

Undertaking a proper epoxy floor coating project may seem like a daunting task given the mountains of confusing information available. At AlphaGarage we believe that when you combine the best epoxy products available with the best instruction and service, great floors are the result every time!

* The EnduraShield 2254 is 85~90% solids
**DFT results may vary due to waste and condition of underlying substrate.

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