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DIY garage floor epoxy application is a great way to add value and utility to your home or business. At AlphaGarage we combine excellent DIY instruction with the most durable floor epoxy systems available so that anyone can enjoy professional grade flooring results.

AlphaGarage has been the exclusive distributor of Wolverine Coating’s industrial coatings and preparation products to the Do-It-Yourself community since 2008. All of the products offered through AlphaGarage are the exact formulations utilized in some of the most demanding industrial environments. We take great pride in our customer service and have....

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What our Clients say

I’ve done several big box store kits over the years, but this took it to a whole different level. The game changer is the quality of the product and the guidance from AlphaGarage that comes with it.

Results in a professional job at a DIY price.

R. Smith / TX

Can’t beat Wolverine Coatings from AlphaGarage. I’m a perfectionist who obsesses over details and I could not have pulled this off without Bert’s guidance.

D. Lambert / WA

We are glad we went with the Wolverine Coatings system and feel that the durability will match the price. The stuff at the big box store is appealing because of how inexpensive it is, but we’ve experienced that you get what you pay for.

Bert at AlphaGarage wasn’t kidding when he said “garage envy” is a real thing! We had 6 neighbors come over within 24 hours of us putting down the EnduraShield to check out and marvel at the floor.

M. Bennett / CT

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