Ceramic floor coatings from Wolverine Coatings Corp!

Published by Bert O. on May 6th 2024

Ceramic floor coatings from Wolverine Coatings Corp!

Wolverine Coatings’ LiquaTile 1143 Chemically Fused Liquid Ceramic refers to a type of coating that contains ceramic particles that are chemically fused together within a liquid polymer medium. This fusion process involves the use of a highly specialized chemical formulation and processes to create a durable and resilient ceramic-based material in liquid form.

During application, the liquid ceramic is mixed and applied to the surface using methods such as spraying or rolled application. Once applied, the liquid carrier cures, leaving behind a solid ceramic coating on the substrate. The chemical fusion process ensures that the ceramic particles bond tightly together, forming a dense and uniform coating that provides best-in-class protection, durability, and appearance.

Chemically fused liquid ceramic coatings offered by Wolverine Coatings are known for their exceptional hardness, abrasion resistance, and thermal stability. They are often used in applications where high-performance protection against wear, corrosion, and extreme temperatures is required. Common applications include industrial floor coatings, residential garages and shops, commercial kitchens, and distillery/brewery environments.

Overall, Wolverine Coatings’ Chemically Fused Liquid Ceramic coatings offer a versatile and effective solution for enhancing the appearance, performance, and longevity of properly prepared concrete substrates, thanks to their proprietary combination of ceramic properties and chemical bonding technology.