3 Layer System – Partial Flake (Sku : AGD)

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3 Component System – 100% Solids Epoxy

  • High-Build 3 layer system
  • Partial ceramic body coat
  • 100% solids primer and body coat
  • 98% solids hybrid-urethane clear coat
  • Unlimited range of colors
  • Optional decorative flakes




When you then consider the superior quality of Wolverine Coatings’ products combined with our competitive dollar per gallon/mil cost and our exceptional customer service, the choice is obvious.

Our 3 Layer System is our most popular DIY (Do It Yourself) epoxy system. Comprised of Wolverine Coatings' 100% solids, BondTite 1101 primer, LiquaTile 1184 pigmented body coat, DecoFlake colored vinyl chips and EnduraShield 2254 hybrid-urethane clear coat. The 3 Layer System offers a highly customizable color palette with 18 LiquaTile colors and a wide assortment of DecoFlake colors and blends.

This system begins with Wolverine Coatings’ two component 100% solids BondTite 1101 primer. Minimum recommended quantity is 5 mils / 304sf (square feet) per gallon. For increased performance or when floor surfaces that are rough, extremely porous or have had significant repairs consider increasing the quantity.

LiquaTile 1184 is the body of this system. Based on Wolverine Coatings’ Advanced Hybrid Cycloaliphatic technology, formulated with ceramic content, the self-leveling LiquaTile 1184 is extremely hard – yet flexible. Its flexibility provides excellent impact resistance by absorbing and redistributing impact energy while, at the same time offering best-in-class U.V., and abrasion resistance. Available in 18 colors. Minimum recommended thickness is 12mils / 127sf per gallon. LiquaTile 1184 is an advanced 100% solids epoxy to ensure maximum performance and highest value.  No compromises here.

Available in a wide variety of colors, the optional DecoFlakes are decorative vinyl chips which are broadcast into the LiquaTile 1184 coat. Select a pre-blended color assortment or create your own from our collection of individual solid colors. In the 3 component System, DecoFlakes are distributed in quantities ranging from .006lbs (light) per sf to .05lbs per sf (medium).

A 95% solids two-component hybrid-urethane clear coat, EnduraShield 2254 cures to a crystal clear, UV and scratch resistant, high gloss finish. Due to the high gloss finish we highly recommend Wolverine Coatings’ SpheriTex traction additive for additional slip resistance and/or where a matte finish is desired. Minimum recommended thickness is 4 mils / 360sf per gallon (DO NOT exceed 7 mils per coat). For additional abrasion resistance apply additional coats.

Combined into the EnduraShield 2254 clear coat SpheriTex 110 is comprised of a spherical glass aggregate which results in a slip-resistant, non-abrasive, easily cleaned non-abrasive finish. The SpheriTex virtually disappears when viewed from above but will add a glare-free matte finish when viewed on the horizon.

When comparing Wolverine Coatings’ systems to our competitors pay careful attention to price relative to Gallons and Total DFT (Dry Film Thickness). Our competitors “kit” prices may be cheaper but when you consider and compare the overall quantities of materials offered you will often find our prices are much better on a dollar per gallon, or dollar per mil basis. Factor in the superior quality of Wolverine Coatings’ products, competitive dollar per gallon/mil pricing, combined with excellent customer service and the choice is obvious. Our recommended minimum quantities are all based on theoretical Dry Film Finished Thickness (DFT). This represents the thickness of the cured coating. Because all our epoxies are 100% solids there is no shrinkage, what you purchase and apply onto your floor is what you will end up with. No solvents to evaporate, little to no VOCs to pollute the air.

Made in the U.S.A. – All Wolverine Coatings products are manufactured with great pride in South Carolina.

  • 100% solids epoxy coating.
  • Semi-ceramic technology for added wear and impact resistance.
  • Meets LEED EQ 4.2 (Independent Laboratory Validation).
  • Meets requirements for FDA & USDA inspected facilities.


Brand Wolverine Coatings
Volume Solids 100%
V.O.C. Content None
Available Packaging 3 quart / 3 gallon
Finish High Gloss
Color Fastness Highly resistant
Country of Manufacture U.S.A.

Additional Details

BondTite-3 qt:
BondTite-3 gal:
LiquaTile-3 qt_tier-1:
LiquaTile-3 qt_tier-2:
LiquaTile-3 qt_tier-3:
LiquaTile-3 gal_tier-1:
LiquaTile-3 gal_tier-2:
LiquaTile-3 gal_tier-3:
Traction Additive:
SDS Part A||http://www.wolverinecoatings.com/SDS/LiquaTile_1184_A_Resin-SDS.pdf
SDS Part B||http://www.wolverinecoatings.com/SDS/LiquaTile_1184_UVR_B_Hardener-SDS.pdf
Application Instructions||https://store-t5andvsj5y.mybigcommerce.com/content/TechNotes/3_com_AI_V1.15.pdf

For this project size please contact us directly by email at info@alphagarage.com

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