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CFLC – Ceramic System

Chemically Fused Liquid Ceramic (CFLC) – Ceramic System is our most durable, severe duty epoxy system that’s meant to take a beating while still offering stunning good looks.  The system is comprised of Wolverine Coatings' 100% solids, BondTite 1101 primer and LiquaTile 1143 CFLC pigmented body coat. Available in 18 colors, provides excellent slip resistance without the use of traction additives, and cures to a luxurious porcelain-like finish.  Straight forward two coat application simplifies installation resulting in a quick return to service.

This system begins with Wolverine Coatings’ two component 100% solids BondTite 1101 primer. Minimum recommended quantity is 10 mils / 152sf (square feet) per gallon. For increased performance or when floor surfaces that are rough, extremely porous or have had significant repairs consider increasing the quantity.

LiquaTile 1143 CFLC is the body of this system and is Wolverine Coatings’ premier epoxy product. Based on Wolverine Coatings’ Advanced Hybrid Cycloaliphatic technology, formulated with Chemically Fused Liquid Ceramic content, the self-leveling LiquaTile 1143 CFLC offers best-in-class chemical, impact and abrasion resistance without the need of an additional urethane wear coat.  Minimum recommended thickness is 20 mils / 76sf per gallon.

When comparing Wolverine Coatings’ systems to our competitors pay careful attention to price relative to Gallons and Total DFT (Dry Film Thickness). Our competitors “kit” prices may be cheaper but when you consider and compare the overall quantities of materials offered you will often find our prices are much better on a dollar per gallon, or dollar per mil basis. Factor in the superior quality of Wolverine Coatings’ products, competitive dollar per gallon/mil pricing, combined with excellent customer service and the choice is obvious. Our recommended minimum quantities are all based on theoretical Dry Film Finished Thickness (DFT). This represents the thickness of the cured coating. Because all our epoxies are 100% solids there is no shrinkage, what you purchase and apply onto your floor is what you will end up with. No solvents to evaporate, little to no VOCs to pollute the air.

Made in the U.S.A. – All Wolverine Coatings products are manufactured with great pride in South Carolina.

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