BondTite 1101 - 3 Quart Kit (Sku : BT11013QTK)

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Any coatings project begins with a solid foundation. When applied over a properly prepared concrete surface our 100% solids BondTite 1101 soaks deep into the concrete pores then it chemically and mechanically fuses to the concrete establishing a superior bond line for subsequent coatings. For extremely absorbent floors or floors with lots of dings and dents consider increasing the BondTite 1101 quantity.

BondTite 1101 is an extremely versatile coating formulation, for an economical but durable coating system consider 10mil of BondTite 1101 plus a 4mil coat of our Enduashield 2254. 

Minimum recommended thickness is 5 mils / 912sf per 3 gallon kit.

  • 100% Solids epoxy primer
  • High build epoxy primer for steel and concrete
  • Meets LEED EQ 4.2 (Independent Laboratory Validation)
  • Meets requirements for FDA & USDA inspected facilities


Theoretical Coverage* 5mil - 305sf per gal
  10mil - 152sf per gal
Dry Film Thickness range 5mil - 1/2"
Mix Ratio 2A : 1B
Volume Solids 100%
VOC None
Application Conditions
Temperature Range 50℉ - 120℉
Max Relative Humidity 80%
Surface Temperature 50℉ - 120℉
Cure Time Schedule @ 77℉ / 50%RH
Tack Free 12 - 20hr
Overcoat 15 - 336hr
Through 48hr
Packaging 3qt & 3gal kits
Finish gloss
Recommended Use Primer
*Includes deduction of 5% for waste  

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