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AcryliSeal 3501 is a high performance Water-Based Nano-Polymer Acrylic Sealer which leaves a protective membrane on the concrete surface that both waterproofs and seals. It contains no silicones, waxes, or oils and does not fade, yellow, chip, or peel when applied properly. This coating is created with a new generation of NanoPolymer resin technology that creates a waterbased product that will outperform comparable solvent-based and MMA products. This acrylic sealer will have much higher resistance to most chemicals including solvents, gasoline, and brake fluid which would not normally be withstood by conventional acrylics. In addition, an extremely tough acrylic surface is formed that is remarkably blush resistant and has many special qualities.

AcryliSeal 3501 penetrates deeply into the concrete pores providing unusual durability and protection. It will also enhance the color of integral colored concrete or exposed aggregate by giving it a “wet glossy” look.  Acryliseal can be dilluted with plain tap water to reduce the glossy finish, refer to instructions.  Treated surfaces shed water, dirt, soot and chemical contaminants to prevent staining and moisture damage to the matrix. Because of the unusual characteristics of this formulation, it may be used for many different applications.

Apply at a rate of 300sf per gallon undiluted.  For less gloss, or for concrete with low absorption, consider diluting the 1st coat with 50% warm water. Subsequent coats should be applied at full strength. A minimum of two full strength coats should be applied.

  • Dries hard. Will not attract dirt, airbone dust or grime.
  • Nano-polymer formulation increases density of the protective coating. 
  • Quick drying time. Dry to the touch in 30-40 minutes.
  • Enhances colors and patterns.


Brand Wolverine Coatings
Number of Coats 2 (min)
Finish Clear Gloss
Available Packaging 5 Gallon Kit
Coverage 300 sq ft per gallon
V.O.C. Content Less than 100 g/L
Country of Manufacture U.S.A.

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