LiquaTile 1143 CFLC

Chemically Fused Liquid Ceramic

 LiquaTile 1143 is a 100% solids, AHC (Advanced Hybrid Cycloaliphatic) and proprietary CFLC (Chemically Fused Liquid Ceramic) self-leveling floor coating which exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals along with best-in-class adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance. 


Not to be confused with inert ceramic fillers, CFLC technology actively creates ceramic structures throughout the polymer matrix as part of the cure process. These ceramic structures reinforce the cured epoxy coat creating an extremely durable, long lasting body coat. As in any protective coating system, the goal is to obtain the hardest surface without becoming too brittle or inflexible. Glass, for instance, is extremely hard and rigid but at the expense of being relatively brittle. LiquaTile 1143 strikes the perfect balance between hardness and brittleness which results in a surface finish that is tough enough to endure the abuse of most shop environments without the need of additional urethane clear coats. 


The elimination of the urethane clear coat results in a significant reduction in the return to service time frame due to reduction in application steps and final cure time. The CFLCeramic system is a two-component system comprised of BondTite 1101 – primer and the LiquaTile 1143 CFLC – body coat. The entire system can be applied and returned to use in as little as 2.5 days and will provide years, if not decades, of reliable service. We recommend a minimum total coating thickness of 30mil which will produce a beautiful smooth, flat surface on properly prepared concrete floors. This is a solid color system available in 18 attractive colors.


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