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From dealership showrooms to repair facilities to industrial garages, right down to your very own personal garage, WOLVERINE COATINGS 100% Solids epoxies are the perfect application that will cover and protect any flooring, no matter how extreme the environment. WOLVERINE COATINGS will keep your garage floor showroom clean, leaving you time to do more important things.

WHY SETTLE FOR LESS OR BUY A BRAND NEW FLOORING SYSTEM when you can buy THE easy to apply premium, high performance floor coating system for your concrete flooring, the same one that professionals use? Wolverine Coatings Corporationís 100% Solids epoxy floor coatings are self-leveling and easy to apply, making them the ideal do it yourself project. If you can paint your bedroom, you can coat your garage floor.

It's literally that simple!

Just like painting a wall properly, applying WOLVERINE COATINGS 100% Solids epoxies requires proper preparation, the following of step by step directions, and the use of the best materials. You can do it yourself, but itís probably a good idea to have a friend help you, so long as you realize that youíll soon be helping them coat their own garage floor with WOLVERINE COATINGS 100% Solids epoxies once they see how simple it is to create their very own showroom quality floor! As easy as installation is, you don't have to do it yourself, we can help find a reputable contractor who can professionally install your floor. The fact of the matter is, it's the best available flooring protection system for any garage, warehouse or concrete floor. Why use inferior epoxies?

Use WOLVERINE COATINGS 100% Solids epoxies to save time, effort and money, and to get the best available protection for concrete flooring available on the market today. Don't take our word for it, take the word of Ferrari and BMW, they use it. Do your homework and explore this site. Read our specs and view the pictures of garages already taking advantage of WOLVERINE COATINGS 100% Solids epoxies. See for yourself that our products offer the best, strongest, easiest to use epoxy floor protection systems available on the market today.




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